8 Types Of Digital Marketing to Promote a Business

Digital devices and social media has changed the marketing landscape in recent years. Digital devices and social media have transformed the marketing field. Instead of relying on billboards and radio ads, businesses can now reach their customers online via content, email, and other forms of digital marketing.

If they’re not digital marketing experts, how can they help their business reap the benefits of digital advertising? How do they choose the best marketing channels to promote their product?

Digital marketing strategies are now an integral part of any business, especially in a digital age where more customers shop online. Let’s take a look at eight kinds of digital marketing that can be used to promote products and services for business owners in this digital age.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one the most efficient and easiest forms of digital marketing. It reaches a large audience of potential customers and regular customers. Businesses send out daily emails to their contacts. There are over 100 million emails being sent around the globe every day.

Email Marketing: The Advantages

  • Email marketing is a way for businesses to keep clients informed about new products and promotions. Customers can also find out when companies are offering coupons or having sales.
  • Email marketing can feel more personal than any other forms of digital marketing. Customers prefer regular updates to be sent to their inbox, rather than finding advertisements.
  • Customers may find email a better balance than phone calls or text messages. Emails can be a great way to keep in touch with customers.
  • Subscribers to email newsletters are more likely to be regular customers and active visitors to the website.
  • Customers who become regular buyers can be placed in categories with buyers who have similar interests. Email messages can then be tailored to each buyer segment.

Tools for Email Marketing

  • In-store customers can be asked to enter their email address in order to receive a digital receipt and to join a subscription list.
  • Coupons and promotions are available for those who shop online. This is a great way to offer incentives to reluctant subscribers.
  • Some shops require customers to create an account with their contact information before they can complete a purchase.

These are the top email marketing tools you should know about:

Email Marketing Challenges

This type of digital marketing has one drawback: it is difficult to get people to sign up for email subscriptions.

  • Customers in person may opt for paper receipts over digital receipts.
  • If they are concerned about getting too many emails, customers may hesitate to give their email address to businesses.

The Future Potential of Email Marketing

Email marketing was one of first forms of digital marketing. It is still one the most popular and effective. Email marketing is affordable and has a high return on investment (ROI). Lyfe Marketing reports that the average email marketing ROI is $44 per dollar. Email marketing is expected to continue growing and bring additional benefits to businesses.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO marketing, also known as search engine optimization (SEO), is another type of digital marketing that can be used to promote a product or company. According to Search Engine Journal, SEO refers to the process of optimizing websites and their content in order to be more visible in search engine results. Because many people shop online using search engines like Google, SEO is vital. Search engines generate results for users who type in specific keywords and phrases. Backlinko reports that the highest Google search result has a 31.7% rate of click-through.

SEO Benefits

SEO is a great tool for your business. These are the main benefits of SEO for a business:

  • SEO improves visibility through organic, unpaid search results.
  • SEO drives traffic to sites that are relevant for specific keywords.
  • SEO evolves to meet the changing needs of customers.
  • SEO is a way to establish and keep a clientele online.

SEO Tools

SEO is based on keywords within a company’s website or article that match what a user types into a search engine. SEO professionals are often hired by businesses to increase traffic and reach a larger audience. Buffer provides a number of SEO tools that can be used to improve your marketing.

SEO Challenges

SEO marketing can have the potential drawback of not relying on it. Search algorithms can change to include different elements such as:

  • Design
  • Keyword ranking
  • Link building
  • Domain authority

This can be beneficial for larger companies, but it can also be detrimental for smaller businesses that don’t have enough money to update their websites regularly.

Future Potential for SEO

SEO is a great tool for both customers and businesses. It draws users in based on what they are already searching for. SEO marketing is poised to make it easier for businesses to reach more people online and build more loyal customers. According to Search Engine Land, it is expected to increase in importance over the next few years.

Influencers and Social Media Marketing

According to Smart Insights, a staggering 9% increase in social media users is expected for 2020. It’s not surprising that social media marketing combined with the use and influence of influencers has been one of the fastest growing forms of digital marketing. As more brands and businesses pay to advertise their products or services on social media, social channels have become more prominent.

Social media influencer marketing is the placement of products by companies or individuals who have credibility, especially on Instagram or Snapchat. Social media influencers can be a unique marketing strategy. However, endorsements are not a new concept.

Companies have discovered that people respond positively to products when they are promoted by peers or people they admire. Brands and businesses often offer discounted or free products to people with large online followings in return for them posting photos with the product and using certain hashtags.

Social Media Marketing

  • Social media marketing is a great way to reach large audiences because so many people use social media.
  • Placement of products is mutually beneficial. Social media influencers get pay or products and businesses get exposure.
  • Direct messaging can be used by businesses to engage directly with users on social media.
  • Customers can ask social media managers directly questions about their products, promotions, or sales.

Social Media Marketing Tools

Social media marketing can be used by small and large businesses as well as big brands.

  • To maintain an online presence, it is important to post frequently, whether you are posting daily, weekly, or biweekly.
  • It is important for them to decide which marketing method will work best for their product.
  • Managers of social media can time posts so that they correspond with in-store and online promotions.
  • Messaging can be used by businesses to interact directly with customers or prospects.

Social Media Marketing Challenges

  • Social media platforms can make it difficult to see advertisements or posts on certain social media platforms.
  • Social media users may find it hard to locate older posts that first caught their attention due to the constant stream of content.
  • Some social media users may not like celebrities or organizations that promote products and might be influenced to avoid them.

The Future Potential of Social Media Marketing

Trends change but social media trends continue to grow and show more potential. Social media platforms saw a 9% increase in users than 2019, as previously stated. Smart Insights expects that this growth will continue.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the promotion of a brand, product, or business through visual and written communication. Anything posted online can be content, whether it is on social media or business websites.

Understanding your target audience is the most important aspect to content marketing. It is crucial to understand the needs of your target audience in order to craft content that will be most effective.

Content Marketing Advantages

Content marketing is essential because it impacts all types of digital marketing from SEO to email and social media posts. Content is anything a potential or current customer reads. It’s important that the content is engaging and appealing. Content marketing:

  • Engages the audience
  • Clients are attracted to you by anticipating your needs
  • Through consistent communication, customers can be helped to maintain their relationships
  • Promotes products
  • Informs customers about new products, coupon codes, and sales

Content Marketing Resources

Although different marketing channels have their own platforms, content marketing is an integral part of all platforms. It could include:

  • Promotions, ads, and posts on Instagram
  • Posts, ads, and promotions on Facebook
  • Tweets
  • YouTube ads and videos
  • Vimeo videos
  • Blog posts
  • Websites
  • Email blasts
  • Text or instant SMS messages
  • Spotify playlists

Content Marketing Challenges

  • Content marketing is an essential aspect of digital marketing. It can be detrimental to a company if the content marketing team doesn’t know SEO or hasn’t created a strategy for posting on social media.
  • A content marketing team that doesn’t produce consistent, effective content can be a problem.

Future Potential for Content Marketing

Content marketing is the use of words and images to promote a product or business. It has existed since the time that the first product was sold. Content marketing will continue to exist as long as there are businesses. While the platforms will continue to change and evolve, businesses can still rely on effective, informative content to promote their products. According to the Content Marketing Institute, the future will be centered on personalized, conversational and timely content.

Pay Per Click Marketing

Another type of digital marketing that is used to promote products or businesses is pay-per-click (PPC). PPC marketing is almost opposite to SEO marketing. While SEO marketing is organic, unpaid, businesses pay search engines to promote their products via PPC ads.

Search engines like Google will show sponsored ads based on keywords that consumers enter. Google pays companies if they click on an advertisement to take them to their website.

The Advantages of PPC Marketing

  • PPC marketing can bring in a lot of money with a high return on investment.
  • PPC marketing is a win-win situation for all involved. Customers find the products they are looking for, businesses make sales, and search engines make money.

PPC Marketing Resources

  • Although PPC marketing differs from SEO marketing because it is a paid form of digital marketing, the approach relies on keywords. PPC advertising should be relevant, extensive, and inclusive for businesses.
  • PPC Protect provides some tools to plan PPC campaigns.
  • SpyFu monitors competitor’s PPC ads
  • Ahrefs studies competitor’s advertisements and keyword bids
  • Google Trends is a search tool that helps you find trending keywords
  • Unbounce can help you create a landing page using specific keywords

PPC Marketing Challenges

  • Clicks do not always result in sales. If users click on links and don’t purchase, they still get paid. This can add up.
  • To run successful PPC campaigns, you need to have the right skills and knowledge to find the best way to promote products. Small businesses often hire marketing professionals, which can be costly.

Future Potential for PPC Marketing

PPC marketing, like other digital marketing strategies is still relatively new. According to Inferno, PPC marketing is a new area of digital marketing that is gaining popularity with voice search and AI-driven advertising.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way for individuals to earn a small percentage of the sales commission while not being full-time employees. Affiliates are paid on the basis of conversion rates, which is a difference from social media influencers.

Affiliate marketers select products that they believe they can sell and promote them online. Affiliates make a small commission for each product they sell.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

  • Both affiliates and businesses benefit from affiliate marketing because they both earn a profit on the product.
  • Affiliates have the option to choose how much work they would like, and can make as much or little as they wish.
  • As affiliates, businesses can work with other companies. These situations allow companies to promote the products of each other and make a profit.

Affiliate Marketing Tools

These tools are available as affiliate tools:

  • Social networks
  • Connect with people
  • Digital billboards
  • Blogs
  • Content marketing
  • Shops and stores
  • Websites

Affiliate Marketing Challenges

Affiliate marketing can bring mutual benefits to both businesses and affiliates. However, there are also drawbacks.

  • Affiliates might not be able to generate the revenue they expect.
  • Affiliate campaigns may not be consistent with the brand’s identity or official marketing strategies.

Future Potential for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing will grow in importance as different forms of digital marketing become more important. One expert in affiliate marketing predicted that 2020 would be the most profitable year for affiliates, according to a Mobidea interview.

Mobile Device Marketing

Businesses can reach customers using mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and iPads. Mobile marketing includes push alerts, push notifications, in-app advertising, push notifications, quick response (QR) codes, and location-specific notifications.

Mobile Device Marketing

  • Businesses can contact people without a computer at home, who have their cellphones.
  • Businesses that provide services can benefit, such as push notifications from users’ gyms when they drive by a new place.
  • Local businesses can help to engage their clients and bring them into physical shops

Mobile Device Marketing Tools

Mobile device marketing is a great option for businesses.

  • Mobile-specific ads which use click-to-call and live map links
  • Advertisements targeted at users of specific apps or games
  • Marketing that is location-based reaches customers who pass by brick-and-mortar outlets
  • QR codes that offer special deals

Mobile Device Marketing

  • Mobile device marketing may be able to reach an inactive population, but they might not be as likely online to shop.
  • It can be annoying to receive uninvited contacts on a mobile device.

The Future Potential of Mobile Device Marketing

According to Business Wire, mobile device marketing via apps and games will grow exponentially over the next years to reach $25 billion by 2024.

Instant Message Marketing

Businesses can reach current and potential customers through instant message marketing, which includes SMS text message, WhatsApp or Instagram direct message. Insta message marketing, which is similar to email marketing, can help you establish a customer contact list.

The Advantages of Instant Message Advertising

  • Instant message marketing offers businesses the opportunity to build a list of customers that they can contact regularly with new product and sales information, special coupons, or other promotional items.
  • One benefit to instant messaging marketing over phone calls for mobile device marketing is the speed with which people can skim through text messages rather than answering a call from unknown numbers.

Instant Message Marketing Tools

Companies should think about the many ways they can reach customers via different platforms. Keep in mind that different services may have different audiences.

  • Text message via SMS
  • Direct message on Instagram
  • Facebook Messenger
  • WhatsApp
  • WeChat
  • Viber

Instant Marketing Challenges

  • Unwanted messages can be invasive and can come from companies.

Future Potential

Businesses and brands have the opportunity to reach millions of people on messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Landbot predicts that instant messaging marketing will remain a powerful component of digital marketing campaigns due to its higher open rates than email marketing, and the increasing adoption of smartphones.

Mastering Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is now an integral part of any business. Digital marketing is a multi-faceted approach to reaching and engaging customers. Companies should consider all options available in order to be competitive in an increasingly competitive market. It is important to understand how digital marketing can impact the future of your company, from influencers to SEO to affiliates.

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